Chicken Purée

You Will Need:
Covered freezer trays Buy Online
One large organic chicken
A large pot or slow cooker
Enough filtered water to cover the chicken
Apple cider vinegar

-Place chicken in pot
-Cover chicken with filtered water measuring the water as you go. For every litre of water, place 1 tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar in the pot.
-Boil or slow cook until the meat begins to fall off the bones.
-Strain broth.
-Place chicken meat in blender (works best while still hot). Blend.
-Add broth to ensure your purée is the smoothness/consistency you desire.
-Pour or spoon into your freezer trays.
-Freeze and use as needed.

Check out the video recipe here

Chicken Purée:


Lamb Purée:


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