Yoghurt-How to Make it Yourself!

Watch the video on how to make yoghurt here.

What you will need:

1L of Organic Milk (Raw Milk if possible)
2Tablespoons or more of Starter Yoghurt (For the first time use Farmer’s Union Natural/Plain Yoghurt, then for every other time use your own yoghurt) If you don’t have starter yoghurt you can mix in a capsule of probiotics in lieu of starter yoghurt.
A Milk Thermometer (available from most Kitchen Stores, I found mine at Robin’s Kitchen) Buy Thermometer Online
A saucepan or double boiler (I find this works best- one saucepan stacked on top of another that is filled with water)
A Yoghurt Maker (I use an Easiyo)

Buy Easiyo Online

-Pour milk into a saucepan/double boiler and place the milk thermometer in.
-Heat on stove top until the temperature reaches above 85 degrees Celsius.
-Remove from heat and allow to cool to 45 degrees Celsius.
-Once at 45 degrees stir in starter yoghurt.
-Place milk into your yoghurt maker.
(If an Easiyo fill the inside above the red component with boiling water then place yoghurt container inside, screw lid on both components)
-Allow to ferment for 24 hours (this is important for GAPs yoghurt).
-After 24 hours strain your yoghurt.

To Strain you will need:
A large mixing bowl
A Sieve
A muslin cloth

I will include some pictures of this process as it is hard to explain.
-Place the sieve over the mixing bowl.


-Place the muslin cloth over the sieve



-Pour the yoghurt into the sieve. Stir.


-Leave to separate for about half an hour.
-Place what is left in the sieve into a container.
-In the bowl is whey. You may discard it, drink it, or use it in your baby’s formula. Can be stored in a covered container in the fridge.


-Refrigerate for 1 to 2 hours before use.

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