Fruit Purée

You will need:
Filtered Water
You can use a number of different fruits. You can cook them on their own, or combine to make different flavours. I like to use:
Apricots (can be sour so combine with a sweeter fruit)
Covered Freezer Trays

-Peel and core fruit. Slice up fruit. As I said above, you can make a single fruit purée, or a combination purée (nice combinations are apple and pear or apricot and peaches)
-Place in a large pot. Cover fruit with filtered water.
-Boil/Stew until cooked.
-Strain fruit and place in blender.
-Add 1 to 3 Tablespoons of Ghee (depending on how much fruit you cooked). This will make the purée a bit creamier and not as watery after it has been frozen.
-Add ground cinnamon and nutmeg to taste, if so desired.
-Pour into covered freezer trays. You can also store in the fridge, but I find the purée keeps better frozen.
-Defrost when needed by placing into a small container placed in boiling water. Or get out a few hours before you will be needing it and allow to defrost covered, on the bench.

Apple and Pear Purée after it has been frozen:


June 2013
Recently at my mum’s place I discovered this handy gadget! It has made getting apples ready for purée so much easier!


It’s an Apple Slinky Maker. It peels, cores and turns apples into a slinky, and all you have to do is turn a handle :). We got ours from Robin’s Kitchen. Remember to take off the stickers on the apples, as they can can impede the peeling blade!


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