You will need:
A glass jar or two
Purple Cabbage
Fresh Beetroot
Filtered Water
Himalayan Salt
Whey (from your yoghurt)
Blender (optional)

-Chop all ingredients up very finely. (With the exception of a few of the outer cabbage leaves).
-Place into a large bowl (preferably metal or glass).
-Mash with a potato masher or a glass jar or heavy based glass (with a tea towel bunched up inside to prevent breakage) until mixture is “juicy”.
-Spoon mixture into glass jar(s) leaving some space at the top.
-Add some salt or whey to add in the fermentation process.
-Scrunch up the outer cabbage leaves and stuff into the jar on top of the mixture. Screw on jar lid.


-Leave out of the fridge to ferment for about 5 days. (You should “burp” the jars occasionally-I like to do it every day- to prevent too much pressure building up, be careful!)
-Sauerkraut can be added to bubby’s food to help balance out the bacteria in the stomach. (Please see the GAPS Schedule for when to introduce Sauerkraut to baby’s diet). I purée the sauerkraut once it has been fermented. This helps it mix in easier with bub’s other foods.


Note: You may use any type of vegetable you like, I like this combination.

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