Tips to Treat a Cold or Flu

Don’t stress if your baby has a cold or flu. It is such a common sickness, that you and/or bub will probably be stuck with a bout.

•To get rid of mucus: try some Elderflower Tea or a No Milk Smoothie. Both are safe for babies and for breastfeeding mothers.

•A close friend of mine told me that when she has trouble blowing her bubby’s nose, she wets a baby cotton bud and wipes the inside of bub’s nostril with that. You can also buy mucus siphons (they suck out the mucus) that use via hand from the chemist. I find baby wipes are often less harsh than tissues.

•Dress baby warmly and make sure you keep their fluids up. Your baby will most likely need more love and affection while they are sick. Try to be patient.

•Don’t be afraid to ask for help! If your parents or close friends offer assistance; don’t brush them off. Caring for a sick baby, especially while you are sick yourself can be very stressful. Make things easier for yourself and accept a helping hand.

•Drink lots of water.

•Rest. You may have a lot of things to get done, but the washing can wait until you are healthy. The more you keep pushing yourself to complete household tasks or run your errands as per usual with out rest , the longer it will take you to recuperate. Get some rest and get better quicker.

•If you are breastfeeding and have the flu, don’t stop for fear of making your baby sick. Keep on feeding as normal. Your milk will still be best for your baby.

•This juice may provide some relief from coughs, colds and the flu.

•For some tips on boosting your child’s immune system why not give this page a read?

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