Shopping for a Baby

Deciding what to get straight away, and what not to get just yet when you’re expecting can be a difficult job. So I decided to put a basic list together of things that I found useful when I first had my son, and things that I could have done without, or could have been purchased later on.

First things First:

• You will need a Carseat to even be allowed to leave the hospital.
• A place for baby to sleep. I found for the first few months my baby slept very soundly in a Tetra Snuggle Bed. I also had a Bassinet in my room. I lined his sleeping places with a sheet and a Sheepskin.
Clothes: of course will be needed. I would suggest having a variety of sizes and styles suitable for the season your baby will be born.
Nappies! I bought boxes and boxes before my son was even born. It was great to not have to worry and stress about running out for the first few months. Buying baby wipes in bulk is a great idea too!
Cloth Nappies: even if you don’t ever use them as a nappy, they make great “clean up cloths” especially for baby vomit.
• A Change Table: is a must have. It is so much easier to change a baby at a height that is comfortable to you.
• A Small Baby Bath: your house may come with a bath, but you will probably find it awkward and daunting washing your newborn in a huge tub.
• A Bath Seat: is also great for bath time. I had an excellent soft seat made from terry toweling material, with a soft pillow. It was awesome for bath time. (CAUTION: Place the seat in the bath after it is filled, or the pillow may hold the hot water).
Bath Cloths/Washers: these are a must have at bath time.
Baby Towels: soft towels for baby are another essential.
Baby Products: I am a stickler for what I put in and on my son. I use only natural products. I have a friend that makes my products but another brand I like is Gaia (available at Big W or most chemists and health stores).
Massage Oil (preferably almond based with essential oils or no fragrance) is a must have. I also used extra virgin olive oil with a few drops if lavender essential oil. Massaging baby on a daily basis helps with relaxation and forms a bond between parent and child and moisturises baby’s skin to boot!
Blankets and Wraps: it is important to have a few different types of blankets and wraps. I would suggest a few of each: muslin wraps, fleecy blankets, flannelette sheets, cotton sheets, woollen blankets etc.
Small Grooming Kit: a Baby Hairbrush or Comb and Nail Scissors or Nail Clippers, your baby will have little nails and can easily scratch themselves. It’s a little daunting at first, but you will need to cut their nails.
Socks and/or Mittens: I didn’t really need mittens but some parents like to put them on their babies. Most baby jumpsuits come with inbuilt mittens.
Bottles and Sterilizer: even if you intend to breastfeed, it is always good to have some handy for expressed breast milk or in case your milk supply dwindles. I really like AVENT bottles and sterilizers.
• A Breast Pump: I purchased one to express milk as I was still attending uni when my baby was born. I highly recommend getting one.
• A Bouncinette Chair: These are great for baby to relax in.
• A Pram: you will need to get around! I love my pram. It started off as a hooded bassinet pram (which was great as bub could sleep in the bassinet when we travelled) and then it converted into a stroller.
• A Baby/Nappy Bag: This is a bag you use when you’re out and about. Ideally it holds baby wipes, nappies, nappy waste bags, a few spare outfits, a change mat and a clean-up cloth. I love my backpack nappy bag, it’s not uncomfortable like a one-shouldered bag can be.
• A Sling or baby carrier. These are great to encourage feelings of safety in your bub, and to encourage bonding time. They’re also extremely practical. You can hold your baby and still have your hands free, and they’re great when you’re out and about and don’t want to take the pram. Please do lots of research before buying, as some baby carriers and slings available on the market can be dangerous for developing spines.

Things you can purchase later on:

•A Big Cot: we didn’t buy our cot until my baby grew out of his bassinet and his snuggle bed.
• A High Chair: Your baby won’t need to eat solid food until he/she is 6months old.
Feeding Stuff: leave the spoons, bowls, containers, food freezing trays until you need them.
Toys: you baby will only need a few toys until he/she gets bigger and begins to interact with their surroundings.
Toothbrush/Teething Aids: your baby’s teeth won’t come in for a few months.

I hope this post has helped a little. Having a baby shower is great way to let people help you be prepared for your little one. Most family members and friends will want to help you out, and by letting them know about the things you really need, you are doing them and yourself a favour!

If I remember anything else I found to be essential or helpful to have, I will add it in here 🙂

Happy Baby Shopping!


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