Activating Almonds

Why activate your almonds?

Seeds and nuts are a rich source of a number of nutrients:
-Essential Fatty Acids
-Amino Acids (protein)
-Vitamin A, B’s, C and E
This makes them a great snack. They can help reduce inflammation, assist in lowering cholesterol and lowering blood pressure.

Nuts bought in the store, even raw, contain high amounts of enzyme inhibitors. Enzyme inhibitors prevent them from sprouting prematurely. However, enzyme inhibitors interfere with the body’s absorption of proteins and nutrients and can therefore cause digestive distress.

Soaking nuts in filtered water and sea salt neutralizes enzyme inhibitors and encourages the production of beneficial enzymes. These beneficial enzymes increase the vitamin and mineral content of the nuts and makes them easier to absorb. Soaking also allows the enzymes to neutralize phytic acid and break down complex starch.

How to Activate Almonds:
1. Blanch the almonds. You can do this by pouring boiling water over them. Let them sit until their skins begin to peel off. Peel the almonds.

2. Place the almonds in a large glass jar. Mix a tablespoon of salt with enough filtered water to cover the almonds. Cover the almonds with water.

3. Soak almonds for 24hours.
4. Remove from water and dehydrate for another 24hours.

Your almonds are now activated!

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