Coconut Yoghurt

I attended a Fermentation Workshop for Beginners with my mum this weekend and we learnt how to make some easy peezy fermented foods. This was one of the recipes. I have made coconut yoghurt before with kefir (milk) grains, but this is easier and has a better consistency.

You Will Need:
A Yoghurt Maker
1L of Coconut Milk (AYAM or Savoy brand as these brands have no additives)
1 Tablespoon of Sugar
1 Probiotic Capsule (I used Orthoplex Multiflora)
A Saucepan

-Pour coconut milk into a saucepan and gently heat to 37 degrees.
-Add the sugar and dissolve.
-Take out a smaller portion of the coconut milk and place in a small cup. Add the probiotic capsule and mix in to the smaller portion.
-Add this portion back into the whole mix and stir.
-Put the mix into your yoghurt maker, and allow to ferment for 24 hours.
NOTE: I use a simple easiyo. All you need to be sure of is that a temperature of around 37 degrees is maintained.
-After 24 hours, put your yoghurt in the fridge for a minimum of 4 hours before eating to allow the yoghurt to thicken.

A few notes: don’t be worried about the addition of the sugar if you are not a sugar consumer. The probiotic bugs need sugar to grow and ferment. Don’t stress about the quality of the sugar, the bugs will actually break down white sugar faster than they will brown sugar or rapadura sugar. Honey can’t be used as it has antibacterial qualities which will inhibit the process of fermentation. Commercial brands of coconut yoghurt are often expensive and have pectins and sweeteners added.


Coconut Yoghurt with Passionfruit


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