Crocheting Lyk A Boss

Last year, I went through some pretty heavy stuff. Heaviest stuff I’ve ever been through, and I hope I never have to again.

While I was recovering, I decided I needed a creative outlet that used my hands more than my mind. Because my writing and my poetry were a little dark, and I’m always using my head. I’m a great thinker. It was time to get creative with my body.

So I decided to teach myself to crochet again. My nan taught me when I was young (about 8 or 9 I think) but it had fallen to the back of my brain and I couldn’t seem to wade through all the other shizz up in there to get to it. So I youtubed and googled, and now I can crochet lyk a boss.

I would love to start up a crafting group, where women can get together and share their skills with each other while catching up for a cuppa and a chat. Like one of those Men’s Shed things. But for laydiess (Little Britain voice). Anyone in Brisbane want to join me? I will teach you how to crochet. I will *try* to be patient. We can drink tea from fancy teacups!  


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